Sophie Nadel

Sophie Nadel is a London based designer sitting at the intersection of graphic design, creative computing and education who struggles with writing about herself in third person. She studied at Camberwell College of Arts where she graduated with a BA in Graphic Design and Creative Computing (the latter being studied at the Creative Computing Institute).

Over the past 4 years she has spent developing her practice, she has been able to accumulate skills both in the analogue and digital and has found innovative ways to strengthen this connection. From machine knitting, to risograph printing, to e-textiles and website development, she has gained a wide range of technical skills and many opportunities to learn and grow.

Sophie is aware of the impact design can have on the world around her and the importance of incorporating this into her practice.She has used her design practice to explore elements of activism and use new technology to help tackle modern problems.

Having already tackled learning a wide variety of programs such as p5.js, Blender, Processing, Spark AR, TouchDesigner and many more, She doesn’t shy away from continuing to learn and grow as a designer. She has also used leadership roles in group exhibitions to further place herself in a community of design and only hopes for this to grow in the future.